Comprehensive project experience (examples)

Our main emphasis is laid on strategy, organization, M&A/PMI and efficiency. We have successfully completed numerous projects in these areas and achieved sustainable results in close cooperation with client teams. Our team-oriented and interdisciplinary consulting methodology consistently guarantees that all project know-how is further useable after project completion within your company. In the following you will find some selected short descriptions of our projects:

Strategy   Organization   M&A/PMI   Efficiency
  • Forum for Future Energies: Market Studies
    Expert surveys on inno-vation Topics (e-mobility, grid parity, sector coupling, smart data management etc.) incl. derivation of strategic action requirements.
  • Wind turbine manufacturer: Group/Sales Strategy
    Analysis of strategic framework conditions, strategy development and conception of optimization approaches for management system, process and structure organization as well as sales.
  • Municipal Utility: Further development of strategy
    Evaluation of the actual strategy and environmental requirements, identification of new fields of business and derivation of strategic action requirements and change management.
  • Network operators:
    Data Exchange
    Conception and imple-mentation close-to-real-time data exchange between network operators, direct marketers and service providers
    for optimized system integration of renewable energies.
  • Transmission Grid Operator: Strategy Update
    Conception of the strategic reorientation and reorgan-isation against the back-ground of grid regulation.
  • Energy Group: Internationalisation Strategy
    Market and competitor analysis of the energy markets France/Spain including evaluation of strategic cooperation partners and detailed market entry strategies.
  • Energy Group: Market Analysis
    Development of a continuous market and competition monitoring system anchored in the organisation, identification and structuring of internal information sources, consolidation of internal and external analysis results as well as assessment of relevant market potentials.
  • Distribution System Operator: Optimisation of Processes and Organisational Structures
    Analysis of the most important workflows and structured representation of the actual situation. Identification of optimization potentials by means of interviews/ workshops and mirroring of the results using best-practice examples. TARGET/ACTUAL comparison and determination of the need for change. Formal description of the change and process organization.
  • Energy Agency: Strategic Realignment
    Evaluation of strategic requirements, derivation
    of strategic handling and reorganization requirements, optimization of customer interfaces.
  • Waste Management Companies: Benchmarking of organizational structures, 
    analysis of organisational depth, breadth and complexity as well as systematic best-practice comparison with companies in international markets and derivation of organisational optimisations.
  • Regional Distribution System Operator: Concession Management
    Stakeholder, SWOT and resource analysis, preparation of the concession offer, monitoring of the concession procedure including finalisation of the concession contract.
  • Large Municipal Utility: Financial Market Regulation
    Design and implementation of measures to meet the requirements of REMIT and EMIR, including coordination with risk controlling and roll-out to all Group companies.
  • Energy Group: Implementation of Control and Management Systems
    Determination of the critical success targets and the relevant levers, analysis and plausibility checking of the data sources, preparation of demand-oriented reports and decision-making processes as well as implementation of feedback loops.
  • Energy Group: Pre-Merger Phase
    Overall process monitoring from the detailing of a
    M&A growth strategy, via systematic identification of targets, initiation of contacts to sellers, evaluation of market and cost synergies, support in the preparation of decision bases for internal committees (M&A story) and external committees (transaction structure, management presentation etc.) up to due diligence and offer pricing.
  • Energy Group: Post-Merger Phase
    Support of the implementation team in detailing the planned synergy measures. Installation and takeover of the implementation controlling.
  • Energy Group: International Merger
    Development of the structure and process organisation of an international group of companies within the framework of a merger of several energy companies, taking into account the multinational location requirements. Analysis of core processes, development of measures and implementation controlling.
  • Regional Distribution System Operator: Merger
    Development and evaluation of alternative R&D models, derivation of market and cost synergies, optimization of process and structural organization, location optimization, stakeholder management, creation and controlling of implementation models, development and controlling of  Implementation Master Plan (IMP).
  • Municipal Utilities: Cooperation/Merger
    Market/stakeholder analysis, cooperation/ merger modelling, synergy assessment, letter of intent design, cooperation/merger contract structuring, stakeholder management support.

  • Municipal Utility: Sector-Coupling
    Stakeholder and market analysis, support for further development to link a P2G plant with the sectors electricity, gas, heat, cooling, mobility and waste water, reduction of approx. 3,000 t CO2/year.
  • Regional Grid Operator: Process Cost Optimization
    Complete process cost survey with subsequent optimization. Identification of measure-based savings in the mid two-digit million € range.
  • Regional Grid Operator:
    Best Practice Check
    Selective optimization of various business areas with the help of best practice checklists. Initial qualitative analysis with subsequent quantitative detailing of selected optimization approaches.
  • Municipal Utilities: Efficiency Increase
    Best practice check, derivation of optimization requirements for processes and organizational structures, detailing and quantifying concrete implementation measures, implementation planning and controlling.
  • Regional Grid Operator:
    Asset Management Optimization

    Inventory and structuring of the asset portfolio of a regional grid operator, pragmatic assessment of the condition of the essential assets, evaluation of the criticality of use, implementation of a standard-oriented maintenance strategy.
  • Energy Group: Profit Improvement Program Power Plant Fleet
    Environment and group analysis, best practice-based identification and prioritization of optimization approaches, detailing and quantifying concrete implementation measures, program management.