Range of services within the field of top management consulting

We focus on on all typical management subjects resulting from current and future market challenges.
Core competencies of Celron consultants comprise all major consulting services which are relevant to the competition.

  • Particularly in competition-driven markets corporations deal with numerous decisions which will ensure competitiveness and sustainability.
  • Here Celron consultants develop and evaluate implemen-tation-oriented recommendations e.g. for overall strategic orientation, growth opportunities, internationalization, alignment of generation, grid and sales.
  • Strategic decisions can be drafted in a reproducible manner on the basis of our Strategic Competitive Intelligence (SCI) Model for analyzing market and competition.
  • With our knowledge and network we assist companies in the initiation and realization of acquisitions, mergers and cooperations.
  • We know from experience that a well-planned and sound implementation strategy as well as stakeholder management are decisive in achieving set objectives.
  • On this basis we develop accepted measures for communication and implementation together with the individual project members, and assume the subsequent implementation controlling for the relevant measures.   
  • A need for change often arises within mature organizational structures,  caused e.g. by the impact of regulation or acquisitions resulting in a necessity for a modified or more efficient organization.
  • Based on our industry competence we introduce a multitude of best practices from utilities and industrial corporations.
  • Our service offering comprises e.g. optimization of organizational structure/processes, reengineering, dimensioning, development of an international corporate organization, benchmarking, management and performance indicator concepts.                    
  • Competition and market regulation put companies under constant pressure to challenge and increase their own efficiency.
  • This pressure can only be effectively counteracted by a targeted and lasting strategy.
  • Based on many years of sector and industry experience we therefore provide the fundament e.g. through optimization of activity-based costing, national and international benchmarking, asset management optimization, definition of quality management/KPI systems, management and performance indicator concepts.